Western New York lost one of its great broadcasters, and great citizens today.

Longtime WJTN host Jim Roselle passed away Wednesday at the age of 89.

His website said Jim had suffered from a continued battle with illness. An institution on the radio for over 60 years, he began his career at WJTN in 1959. He was a staple both on the radio and in our community.



He was inducted into the New York State Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame in 2010, a full year earlier than Regis Philbin.

When Jim met Regis at the 2011, Jim quipped, “Good job. But I got into the Hall of Fame before you!”

Many asked Jim when he was going to retire. He wrote about it in his autobiography: “People have asked me, ‘When are you going to retire?’ And I say to myself, ‘Retire from what? Or to what? My hobby is my work.”

Here are some of Jim’s best moments:

Thank you Jim for being devoted to our community. You will be missed, they don’t make ’em like you anymore.

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