In case you needed a reminder of how quickly time passes… (Above photo via Derrick Mealiffe/Flickr)

1. You remember Brooklyn Square before it was “redeveloped.” The city cleared the neighborhood of its dilapidated buildings in the late 60’s and early 70’s, nearly 46 years ago.

2. You haven’t shopped at Bigelow’s in 26 years. It closed in 1987.

3. You remember (or heard stories about) the tornado of 1945. It touched down 71 years ago this June.

4. You remember having to drive to Erie to go to Wegman’s. The Lakewood location didn’t open until the late 90’s, at least 16 years ago.

5. You haven’t taken a train from Jamestown in nearly 50 years. The last Erie-Lackawanna passenger train left the station on January 7, 1970.

6. A carhop hasn’t served you at Davidson’s in about the same amount of time. The restaurant was a drive-in in the 60’s.

7. You’ve been shopping at the Chautauqua Mall for 45 years. It opened in 1971.

8. You’ve been listening to Jim Roselle for 63 years. He joined WJTN in 1953.

9. You haven’t shopped at a Jamesway in over 20 years. The chain went bankrupt in 1995.

Featured photo via Flickr/Christie

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