So many amazing and talented people have come from Western New York. It was hard to narrow down to just this list. Who do you think should be added? Tell us in the comments!

Rick James, Musician


via Wikipedia/Public Domain

The King of Funk himself was born February 1, 1948 in Buffalo.

Carrie Stevens, Actress/Model

via Wikiepdia/Toglenn (CC 3.0)

via Wikiepdia/Toglenn (CC 3.0)

This former Playboy bunny was born in Buffalo.

Wolf Blitzer, Journalist

Though born in Germany, this CNN anchor went to Kenmore West Senior High School and attended University at Buffalo.

Natalie Merchant, Musician

via Wikipedia/EOBeav (CC 3.0)

via Wikipedia/EOBeav (CC 3.0)

This 90’s icon was born in Jamestown in 1963.

Nancy Marchand, Actress

via HBO

via HBO

This actress best known for her work on Lou Grant and The Sopranos was originally from Buffalo.

Beverly Johnson, Model

The first African American model to appear on the cover of Vogue was born in Buffalo.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Author

via Wikipedia/Public Domain

via Wikipedia/Public Domain

Spent part of his childhood in Buffalo and attended Nardin Academy.

Jesse L. Martin, Actor

Though originally from Virginia, this actor graduated Buffalo’s Academy for Visual and Performing Arts before going on to star in Rent on Broadway and later Law and Order.

Kyle Chandler, Actor

US Air Force/Public Domain

US Air Force/Public Domain

Best known for his roles on Friday Night Lights and Early Edition, this actor was raised in Illinois but born in Buffalo.

Ani DiFranco, Musician

The prolific singer-songwriter was born in Buffalo in 1970.

Wendie Malick, Actress

Wikipedia/MingleMediaTVNetwork (CC 2.0)

Wikipedia/MingleMediaTVNetwork (CC 2.0)

You may remember her from Just Shoot Me!, Hot in Cleveland, or Williamsville South High School.

William Fichtner, Actor

This guy has been in everything. He was raised in Cheektowaga and graduated from Maryvale High School.

Don Messick, Voice Actor

The voice of Scooby-Doo, Bamm-Bamm Rubble, and Astro was born in Buffalo.

William G. Fargo, Businessman

via Wikipedia (Public Domain)

via Wikipedia (Public Domain)

The founder of Wells Fargo and American Express served as Buffalo’s mayor during the Civil War.

Jeffrey Jones, Actor

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures

The principal from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was born in Buffalo.

Rob Gronkowski, Football Player

This Patriots tight end grew up in Williamsville.

Millard Fillmore, 13th President of the United States

Public Domain

Public Domain

He also founded the University at Buffalo.

Nick Bakay, Voice Actor

Wikipedia (CC 2.5)

Wikipedia (CC 2.5)

The voice of Salem Saberhagen on Sabrina: The Teenage Witch was born in Buffalo.

Richard Hofstadter, Historian

This author most undergraduates have read was born in Buffalo in 1916.

10,000 Maniacs, Band

In addition to Natalie Merchant, the band she fronted also came out of Jamestown.

Katharine Cornell, Actress

Public Domain

Public Domain

This early 20th century actress was known as “The First Lady of the Theater” and was raised in Buffalo.

Tim Russert, Moderator of Meet The Press

via Wikipedia/hyku (CC 2.0)

via Wikipedia/hyku (CC 2.0)

This journalism icon was born in Buffalo in 1950.

John Roberts, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court


The current chief justice was born in Buffalo and lived his early years here. His dad was actually a plant manager with Bethlehem Steel.

David Boreanaz, Actor

Wikipedia/Genevieve (CC 2.0)

Wikipedia/Genevieve (CC 2.0)

Best known for his roles in Angel and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, this actor was born in Buffalo in 1969.

George A. Hormel, Businessman

The founder of Hormel Foods was born in Buffalo in 1860.

Diane English, Television Producer

via Wikipedia/MarkRob12 (CC 4.0)

via Wikipedia/MarkRob12 (CC 4.0)

This Buffalo native and Nardin Academy graduate is best known as the force behind Murphy Brown.

Jeff Fahey, Actor

Best known as Captain Frank Lapidus from the TV show Lost, he was born in Olean in Cattaraugus County.

Grover Cleveland, 22nd and 24th President of the United States


Though born in New Jersey, this young lawyer eventually moved west and served at Mayor of Buffalo before ascending to the White House.

Frances Folsom Cleveland Preston, First Lady of the United States


Grover might not have been a Buffalo native, but his wife was. She was only 21 when she became First Lady.

Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner

US Air Force (Public Domain)

US Air Force (Public Domain)

Before the NFL he was just another kid from Jamestown.

Patrick Wilson, Drummer for Weezer

This co-founder of Weezer was born in Buffalo in 1969.

William Sadler, Actor

U.S. Marine Corps (Public Domain)

U.S. Marine Corps (Public Domain)

This actor who’s been in just about everything is a Buffalo native and graduate of Orchard Park High School.

Matt Taibbi, Journalist

The Rolling Stone journalist once called Buffalo home where he co-founded The Beast.

Seymour H. Knox I, Businessman


You probably don’t know him, but he started a little thing called the Woolworth Stores with his cousins. He died in Buffalo in 1915.

Sorrell Booke, Actor


The Dukes of Hazards’ Boss Hogg is actually from Buffalo.

Goo Goo Dolls, Band

This band which provided a soundtrack to the 1990’s was founded in Buffalo in 1986.

Chad Michael Murray, Actor

Chad Michael Murray in 2007 (Wikipedia/MasterGracey CC 3.0)

Chad Michael Murray in 2007 (Wikipedia/MasterGracey CC 3.0)

One Tree Hill’s Lucas Scott is actually a Buffalo native and graduate of Clarence High School.

Neil Abercrombie, Former Governor of Hawaii


This Buffalo native and Williamsville High School (now Williamsville South High School) graduate served as Governor of Hawaii from 2010 to 2014.

Buffalo Bob Smith, TV Host


Born Robert Emil Schmidt, Smith is best known for creating and hosting The Howdy Doody Show.

Mark Russell, Satirist

via PBS

via PBS

The piano playing jokester best known for his PBS specials is a graduate of Canisius High School.

Amanda Blake, Actress


This Buffalonian is best known as Miss Kitty Russell on the TV show Gunsmoke.

Jack Kemp, Athlete and Politician


This Buffalo Bills star eventually ran for Vice President after serving in Congress on behalf of Western New Yorkers.

Nick Carter, Singer

This Backstreet Boy was born in Jamestown.

Mark Twain, Author


Lived in Buffalo from 1869 to 1871, owning a stake in the Buffalo Express newspaper.

Paul Vogt, Actor

Best known for his role on MAD TV, this actor graduated Kenmore East High School in 1982.

Michael Bennett, Broadway Director/Choreographer

The theatre legend who directed the original A Chorus Line was born in Buffalo.

John Wayne Bobbitt, Actor/Crime Victim

You know who he is. He was born in Buffalo.

Brian McKnight, Musician

The R&B singer was born in Buffalo in 1969.

Michael Angelakos, Frontman for Passion Pit

Born in Buffalo in 1987

Mark Hapka, Actor

This actor best known for being on Days of Our Lives was born in Buffalo.

Jeremy Jacobs, Owner of the Boston Bruins

One of the richest men in the world, he was born in Buffalo in 1940.

Christine Baranski, Actress

via Wikipedia/Manfred Werner (CC 3.0)

via Wikipedia/Manfred Werner (CC 3.0)

The Tony and Emmy Award-winning actress was born in Buffalo in 1952.

Lucille Ball, Actress and Comedian

via CBS Television

via CBS Television

This megastar was born in Jamestown and raised in Celoron.

Who else should be on this list? Tell us in the comments!

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