It’s that time of year again—Tim Horton’s annual Roll Up The Rim promotion. Sure there are some great prizes: A Honda Civic, a big screen TV, free coffee for a year. But if we lived in a perfect universe, we’d want these prizes.

1. All expenses paid trip to the Super Bowl to see the Bills play

Wikipedia (Public Domain)

Wikipedia (Public Domain)

Because we haven’t been since 1994.

2. Get out of snow free card

Imagine every house on the block covered in snow but yours

3. Free coffee for life

Because duh.

4. Someone to shovel our drive way for life

Or as long as lake effect snow is a thing.

5. Anchor Bar’s Buffalo sauce recipe

Because who wants to buy it in a jar?

6. A new, decent album from the Goo Goo Dolls

via Amazon

via Amazon

Can we have another Iris?

7. Trains actually running to Central Terminal

via Wikipedia (Public Domain)

via Wikipedia (Public Domain)

Wouldn’t it be cool if (passenger) trains actually came to this train station?

8. The ability to go over Niagara Falls unscathed

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What. a. rush.

9. Frank Lloyd Wright designing a custom house for you

Which is impossible because he died in 1959. Or is it impossible, Tim Hortons??

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