No, when we say we’re from New York we’re not all from that city. Here are eight definitive reasons Buffalo is better than New York City in every respect.

1. Rent

via Craigslist

via Craigslist

You can get a whole apartment here for less than what you’d pay for a room the size of a shoe box in Midtown Manhattan.

2. Wings

Wikipedia (CC 2.0)

Wikipedia (CC 2.0)


Because come on, can you really great true Buffalo Wings anywhere else?

3. Room to Breath

Wikipedia/Lawrence Rowswell (CC 3.0)

Wikipedia/Lawrence Rowswell (CC 3.0)

Everything is just less crowded. Unless you like being pushed and bumped into ALL THE TIME.

4. We can handle snow

NOTHING will stop Buffalo. 40 inches of snow? Get out of the way we’ve got a life to live.

5. We’re nicer

Such a great night! Sabers game with these hooligans❤️🏒 #Fridaynight #buffalo #saberselfie

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We don’t have a chip on our shoulders to prove we can make it in the big city.

6. Anderson’s

No place holds a candle to this Buffalo tradition.

7. Three words: Beef On Weck.

Enough said.

8. Labatt Blue Light

Available at every. single. bar. Because we’re practically Canadian.

9. Hertel Avenue

The heart and soul of Buffalo, also known as our very own “Little Italy.”

10. Darien Lake Theme Park

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$65 for an unlimited season pass and only a 40 minute drive outside of the city center; the city dwellers have to go to Jersey for Six Flags!

11. Walden Galleria Mall

With new stores and restaurants being added each week, who needs Fifth Avenue?

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